I'm a creative artist photographer who likes to think he’s breaking new ground, but I find living on the Costa del Sol doesn’t offer very many “natural” photographic opportunities. The weather here is pretty constant and I don’t see the diversity that the UK had, but I do enjoy exploring the endless possibilities modern techniques can offer. I can’t say what kind of art I like most, because I tend to drift from one style to another. I'm based near Malaga in Southern Spain and enjoy exercising the creative skills I seem to have acquired over the many years of my professional work in the film and television industry. I've written scripts and directed and produced music and business videos, and even made a low budget feature film called Black Forest Gateau.

There were times when I’d go all out to capture that perfect landscape, or maybe a fleeting moment that could never be repeated, but these days I’m more likely to conjure up some impossible vision and spend weeks transforming and compositing multiple images. Abstraction and surrealism brings the freedom to express my emotions, but it can also be used to provoke thought.

I don’t believe photography or any kind of art needs to be justified, because different people have different tastes. When I’m asked why I created a particular image, my answer is usually “because I can”.

I would like to meet with other photographers and artists who want to exchange serious critique for each others work. If you need this too and live within easy reach of Malaga, please send a message from the contact page.

Mike Naylor FRPS


Gouache Art
14th June 2016
More meandering.
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Abstract Art
12th April 2016
Following a winding course.
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Now on Facebook
01st September 2015
For those obsessed with social media.
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Inauguration Photo
28th February 2015
Slightly Exaggerated.
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Recent Works Exhibition
27th February 2015
Casa de la Cultura de Las Lagunas.
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